Debbie Reynolds talks about last summer’s auction

In an interview with The Times of Northwest Indiana (about the upcoming HBO Liberace movie), Debbie Reynolds talks about the landmark Profiles in History auction that took place last summer, where record prices were set for vintage Hollywood costumes.

“It’s still very sad to think about.”

“I spent my life gathering my collection and I always wanted my own museum,” she said.

“But it was a dream, and dreams don’t always come true, only in songs and movies.”

The article also mentioned that a second auction never took place, which is not true. The Debbie Reynolds Auction Part 2 took place several months after the first auction on December 3, 2011. That sale did not receive the same fanfare as the first. Although prices were very good, they were not at the same caliber as those from the first auction.


  1. Brendan Schultz · September 14, 2012

    What happen to the suppose of 3rd Auction? Did Debbie her hit targets for the first two and did not want to sell anymore? Thanks

    • Fong Sam · September 14, 2012

      That’s a question for Profiles in History.

      • · September 14, 2012

        Come On Fong, you are really going to pull that card. You must know something about it as being a once valued employee of Profiles.

      • Fong Sam · September 14, 2012

        It was a mutual decision to not do another auction.

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