DeLorean test car from Back to the Future

by Fong Sam

Despite the prevailing thought that DeLorean Process Car (a.k.a. test car) from Back to the Future was destroyed (or disassembled for parts), I have now seen two references to its survival in the last few months.

The most recent is in Premiere Props Hollywood Extravaganza VII Auction on September 15-16.


The description was also on iCollector. This mention has since been removed, because the DeLorean test car is not in the Premiere auction. Why was it mentioned in the auction details? From what I was told, it was also mentioned in an early press release. Did Premiere get its hands on a DeLorean? What happened to it?


In any case, noticing this in the Premiere Props auction brings up a few months prior when an alleged Process Car was offered to Profiles in History (when I was still there). After conferring with a couple of BTTF experts at the time, it just didn’t look right and the car was ultimately rejected. It was thought that it appeared to be a prototype mockup of the Ride car.

The mystery still remains as to what “test car” Premiere Props might have thought they had. Since there is no listing, and no images, your guess is as good as mine.